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Cengage Leaders Make Education Predictions for 2018
– Part One

Posted on: 24/01/2018 | Edited by: Kristina Massari

We asked Cengage leaders to share their thoughts for 2018 on everything from providing value in higher ed to the skills gap, artificial intelligence and more. We’re embarking on another new and exciting year in higher education. Lots of interesting developments are happening in our space but, without question, affordability and value will be a main focus. Education predictions abound!

The Value of Higher Education
“Pressure to cut costs and make higher education more affordable is coming from all sides–parents, students and voters. In addition, there is growing skepticism surrounding the value of higher education. Students need to know they’re getting something worthwhile for the money they spend–and that’s results. In 2018, we are going to see institutions and their partners introduce new and innovative ways to improve outcomes and affordability for all students.”
— Michael Hansen, CEO, Cengage

Michael Hansen

Skills Gap
“The industry will rally to find innovative and scalable ways to close the middle skills gap by bringing together stakeholders from employers to education providers and leveraging the power of technology. For example, at Cengage, we are tightening the connection between our learners and employers. We’re helping people better understand potential jobs available to them and the education they need to fill any skills gaps they may have in order to get them into the workforce as fast as possible.”
Jonathan Lau, Senior Vice President of Skills, Cengage

Immersive Learning
“Employer demand for career-ready candidates will drive the continued growth of immersive learning experiences like virtual and augmented reality to provide real world practice at scale. This will be helped by continued decline in hardware costs and software that enables these experiences on devices readily available like the phone. Markets that could benefit from the scaling of augmented or virtual reality include training for the skilled building trades, where labour demands are high.”
— Matt Seeley, Product Director, Career Education, Cengage

Opinions and outlooks raised belong to the author and don’t necessarily reflect any part of Cengage or our affiliates.

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