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Cengage Leaders Make Education Predictions for 2018
– Part Two

Posted on: 12/02/2018 | Edited by: Kristina Massari

We asked Cengage leaders to share their thoughts for 2018 on everything from providing value in higher ed to the skills gap, artificial intelligence and more. We’re embarking on another new and exciting year in higher education. Lots of interesting developments are happening in our space but, without question, affordability and value will be a main focus. Education predictions abound!

Electronic Academic Records
“As technology in the classroom becomes the rule rather than the exception, students will increasingly take ownership over their academic footprint. They will be empowered by easy access to information that was once gated by registrar offices, technology companies and complex information systems. Data will feed a digital ledger of various touch points throughout a student’s academic career. Just as an electronic medical record helps provide better treatment, diagnosis and overall care, this electronic academic record will inform future education decisions students make. Empowered students will put pressure on all aspects of the education ecosystem to lower costs, while improving outcomes and effectiveness.”
— George Moore, Chief Technology Officer, Cengage


Competency-Based Education
“I predict that both traditional and non-traditional institutions will begin offering a more diverse set of programs and post-secondary credentials. As the employment marketplace demands more specific, competency-related data about candidates, program providers will adjust to make more specific, concrete assertions about what their graduates know and can do. For institutions that embrace these new kinds of offerings, this will require changes on several fronts: cultural change around the role of administrators and faculty members, new approaches to curriculum design, assessment, analytics and evaluation, and the implementation of standards-based technologies for tracking and credentialing learner achievements.”
Jon Mott, Ph.D, Chief Learning Officer at Learning Objects, a Cengage company


Artificial Intelligence
“Artificial intelligence (AI) has a lot of potential in higher education, but students will not come to class to find their professor has been replaced by a robot. We predict AI will help instructors reach more students in a variety of ways, from providing more precise diagnosis and remediation for struggling students to introducing basic concepts to unlock class time for deeper exploration and more. But, it will never replace the qualitative assessment a person/instructor brings to working with students and assessing their understanding of topics.”
— Erin Joyner, Senior Vice President, Higher Ed Product, Content and Market Development, Cengage


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