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Using Digital: Giving Shape to “Flat” Learning

Posted on: 10/10/2017 | Guest Writer: Jenny Schuemichen, student at University of Hamm-Lippstadt

With increasing numbers of students using digital tools in education and as a result enjoying increased success, I wanted to explore the possibility that it is in fact the technology itself that’s allowing today’s students to enjoy learning more.

I remember listening to my German teacher in class one day when she told us about her days as a college student and what studying looked like at a time before internet and mobile phones: Sitting in lectures hurriedly writing down as much of their lecturer’s speech as they could, spending their afternoons in the library, copying page after page from dozens of books. Not in any way appealing.

For most of us students of today this would be an unimaginable and extremely boring, one-sided way of learning. But thankfully we now live in a time, where the possibilities of learning and teaching are literally endless. Nowadays, most lectures include a well-prepared mix of activities, exercises and class surveys allowing the students to actually interact with lecturers, instead of simply listening to their speech. And in an 8am lecture this is an extremely effective way to wake up one or the other sleepy student.

What is great about digital learning tools as well is how they make information so much easier to access and look up. Instead of going to a library and spending lots of time on finding one specific piece of information, we can now have everything required in one place, which definitely reduces the overall study time. Additionally, the digitalization of study resources has enabled us to comfortably review class content on the go, e.g. through Mobile Apps, whenever and wherever we like. One of the features of digital learning that I love the most are flash card apps.

For me, they are a great way of studying on the go or reviewing content right before going to bed, as they contain all the important information and are super easy to access (I mean, we already spend most of the time on our phones anyway, why not be efficient while doing so?).

Overall, digital learning has immensely broadened the spectrum of studying possibilities for students. Because of this, it has never been easier for a student to find their personally optimal learning tool, be it flashcards, powerpoints, review tests, or online exercises, making studying both more fun and effective.

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