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Ideas to inspire success and improve learning outcomes.

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The Student Ambassador Experience

Posted on: 12/07/19 | Edited by: Jason Bennett

From Guest writer and Student Ambassador: Annie Dollard, student at University of Liverpool

A growing number of students are feeling more skills-deficient than ever before. Scrutinous selection processes and intense competition for graduate jobs have sparked ‘skills filters’ to be used by many employers to identify the ‘right person.’ There’s now more pressure on students to grab all the opportunities they have whilst studying to build up a portfolio of skills.

Many students believe that to do this they either have to be involved in voluntary work or commit to demanding part time jobs. Both have downsides, either the absence of pay or a commitment to specific hours during the week which could impinge on studies. There is, however, an alternative that can provide a solution to both these concerns: the role of Student Ambassador.

This year I’ve had the opportunity to represent Cengage in such a role and I can certainly say that I’ve learnt a lot from it!


Cengage Student Ambassadors

Cengage Blog 2-Becoming More Job-Ready with Digital Learning Solutions

Posted on: 05/06/19 | Edited by: Jason Bennett 

From Guest writer and Student Ambassador : Annie Dollard, student at University of Liverpool

For many students, applying for graduate jobs is like entering a snake pit of highly-capable and fiercely-competitive individuals. Suddenly, it doesn’t feel like you tick all the right boxes for an employer. The other candidate knows the campus recruitment team? Sorry, then, but you don’t stand a chance. Haven’t done maths since high-school? Well, you may not want to read that feedback report from those online recruitment tests.

There is certainly no denying that there are many challenges to applying for graduate jobs and in showing employers that you have the skills that are imperative to succeed in the role.



How Digital Solutions Can Take the Pain Out of Mid-Term Revision

Posted on: 11/03/19 | Edited by: Jason Bennett 

From Guest writer and Student Ambassador : Annie Dollard, student at University of Liverpool

In her first year at University of Liverpool,  Annie Dollard was introduced to MindTap, an online learning facility, which she was able to access her course literature and exam-style questions. Being able to monitor my progress and flag areas of difficulty meant that in exam season she was able to streamline her revision more effectively.

But, how can digital learning solutions complement a student’s continuous effort to stay on top of their workload, making life a bit easier mid-way through term?


TEF Gold Rated University, Coventry University London used MindTap to Help Students Reach their Potential

Posted on: 25/10/2018 | Edited by: Emily Marks

Coventry University London, a campus of Coventry University, Coventry is one of the largest providers of business related degree courses in Europe. The University’s commitment to providing exceptional opportunities and teaching to its 29,000 students has recently won them a Gold rating for outstanding teaching and learning in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).



Wageningen University uses edtech to improve the final grades of Organic Chemistry students

Posted on: 14/03/2018 | Edited by: Laura Lichtensteiger

Wageningen University in the Netherlands, is an institution that specialises in Life Sciences, focusing particularly on the theme of Healthy Food and Living Environment, with approximately 6,500 staff and 10,000 students from over 100 countries. It offers a wide range of Organic Chemistry courses that attract an intake of 3,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students every year.

The Challenge – improving participation and learning outcomes.



Boosting confidence, engagement and grades at UAE University

Posted on: 26/10/2017 | Edited by: Gemma Strongitharm

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at United Arab Emirates University is using WebAssign to boost confidence, improve engagement and improve grades for a subject that has traditionally proved challenging.

The Challenge – improving confidence levels through positive engagement.



Achieving better learning with Technology: Ulster University Business School improves pass rates and student engagement with MindTap

Posted on: 06/09/2016 | Edited by: Vicky Pavlicic

Ulster University is ranked within the top 3% of universities in the world and is aiming even higher. Its Business School is one of the largest in the UK and Ireland and has worked with Northern Ireland’s businesses and organisations in helping them achieve their goals for over 40 years. It has over 6,000 students and approximately 140 academic staff.

The Challenge – Motivating and Engaging Students.