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UNSTOPPABLE MINDS – Digital Solutions & Mid-Term Revision

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How Digital Solutions Can Take the Pain Out of Mid-Term Revision

Posted on: 11/03/19 | Edited by: Jason Bennett 

From Guest writer and Student Ambassador : Annie Dollard, student at University of Liverpool

With assignment deadlines and mid-term assessments looming, it’s that time of the academic term when many students feel as though they’re starting to sink in a pool of work and revision. There can be moments when they feel that they’re just about achieving what they have planned to do, and others when they feel that they can’t cope with the workload that they have.

Students spend hours worrying over how they can plan effectively to cover all areas in their revision and maximise their results. But, few students realise that this period can be made easier with the help of online learning platforms.

In my first year of University I was introduced to MindTap, an online learning facility, in which I could access course literature and exam-style questions, before receiving instant feedback on my work. Being able to monitor my progress and flag areas of difficulty meant that in exam season I could streamline my revision more effectively.

But, how can digital learning solutions complement a student’s continuous effort to stay on top of their workload, making life a bit easier mid-way through term?


Keeping Pace with Course Content

Workloads can become more demanding as the academic term progresses, and it’s easy for students to lose track of content that they’ve not reviewed. This can cause unnecessary (and avoidable) stress. Digital textbooks are the perfect solution for students who want to avoid entering an exam only to then remember that there are topics that they’ve forgotten to revise or have overlooked. What I enjoy most about e-textbooks is that you can bookmark reading, review reading progress, and customise how you navigate the course, enabling YOU to build your knowledge in a way that suits you best.

Putting Theory into Practice

I cannot think of one teacher who has not emphasised the importance of question practice. As the saying goes ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating,’ therefore completing practice questions is crucial to performing well and in detecting gaps in your knowledge. Not only do students gain increased confidence, they feel better motivated and engaged in their work through this method of active learning.

I also can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve completed textbook questions at the end of a chapter and then accidentally thrown away my written answers, leaving me with no reference of which topics or concepts I’ve misunderstood. With digital resources, all this information is stored. Students can quickly and conveniently answer exam-style questions using digital learning applications and receive targeted feedback. This feedback can then be referred to at a later stage, such as on the bus to campus, providing a prompt for where revision needs focus.

Increasing Confidence through Knowledge Review

We’ve all made flashcards at some point in our life. . . ending up with a mammoth stack of cards that has eaten away at valuable time that we could’ve spent actually looking at them or have ended up getting lost. Most digital learning resources already have flashcards ready to use, and some, like MindTap, offer the facility to create tailored flashcards also. Exercising knowledge regularly in this way can help students stay afloat when content builds up. This is especially relevant for courses which require cumulative knowledge to help understand future topics.

Students shouldn’t have to feel that their workload is unachievable; after all, a negative outlook can often lead to poor performance. When you harness the benefits of using digital learning resources, staying on top of work is not a target, it becomes routine. And this may just be the simple solution that some students need to overcome one of their biggest learning challenges they face during term.




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