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The Student Ambassador Experience

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The Student Ambassador Experience

Posted on: 12/07/19 | Edited by: Jason Bennett

From Guest writer and Student Ambassador: Annie Dollard, student at University of Liverpool

A growing number of students are feeling more skills-deficient than ever before. Scrutinous selection processes and intense competition for graduate jobs have sparked ‘skills filters’ to be used by many employers to identify the ‘right person.’ There’s now more pressure on students to grab all the opportunities they have whilst studying to build up a portfolio of skills.

Many students believe that to do this they either have to be involved in voluntary work or commit to demanding part time jobs. Both have downsides, either the absence of pay or a commitment to specific hours during the week which could impinge on studies. There is, however, an alternative that can provide a solution to both these concerns: the role of Student Ambassador.

This year I’ve had the opportunity to represent Cengage in such a role and I can certainly say that I’ve learnt a lot from it!

Each year many companies recruit Campus Ambassadors, students to represent the company on campus in the next academic year. Flexible working hours each term and attractive rates of pay are just some of the advantages, not to mention the opportunity to meet new people both on campus and within the organisation.

But another advantage, often overlooked, is also having the opportunity to develop key employability skills such as communication, networking and planning and time management. So, how can students gain from applying for a Student Ambassador role?

Cengage Student Ambassadors

The Application Process

Even just applying for these roles can improve your awareness of common application processes used by employers. Writing a clear and concise CV that really brings attention to the skills you’ve developed from your experiences can be the key to impressing future employers and securing interviews. Many Student Ambassador roles require a video or telephone interview, providing you with an opportunity to put yourself under ‘interview pressure’ so that you can learn to adapt and perform better in future interviews. Having to do a telephone interview for my role allowed me to become more confident in dealing with challenging interview situations and being able to handle the pressure when having to think on the spot.

Developing Your Knowledge of the Company

Any Student Ambassador role requires a willingness to learn more about the company you are working for. You are a representative of the company; you need to reflect the image of the company in a positive light. By gaining a good knowledge of the company, you can help encourage tutors and fellow students to engage with the company and any beneficial services it is providing. Personally, I’ve found that being able to talk to students about the different learning products Cengage offers and drawing on my learning experiences has enabled me to develop my confidence and skill in effectively communicating with others.

Blog Writing

One of the main focuses of my role as a Cengage Student Ambassador has been to write blogs. Having never written a blog before, it was hard knowing where to start and how to make it engaging, topical and in line with the company’s objectives. Setting the right tone and condensing content down whilst retaining the key messages is challenging, but with support from the company I have developed the ability to write effectively and professionally, a skill that is imperative for any student entering the world of work.

Conducting Student Research and Focus Groups

A primary role of a Student Ambassador is to identify the main audience of the company on campus and evaluate the best methods you can employ to reach out to this audience. In my role, I knew that Cengage is committed to understanding the changing needs of students in higher education and is developing its products in light of this. The best way to understand someone’s needs and introduce them to a company is through effective discussion. Myself and Harry, another Cengage Student Ambassador, have been responsible for identifying the best ways to reach our target audience including organising a focus group and sending out research surveys. This has also helped me to develop my time-management and planning skills by trying to achieve a balance between my studies and my Ambassador responsibilities, something that many students need to be able to do in the workplace.

Experiencing job interview anxiety is energy-depleting for any student. The build-up to an interview can leave students feeling as though they lack the experiences they need to show that they have the right skills. However, my experience as a Student Ambassador has been one that I will be able to draw upon in many interviews. It has provided me with new skills, and, what’s more, it’s paid, flexible and fun. What’s not to like about that?


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Annie Dollard, Student Ambassador