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WebAssign is a customisable online resource for mathematics, physics and engineering students. It provides learning content, homework, tests and practice problems with instant assessment and is proven to improve student grades.

Unique teaching and assessment content for mathematics, physics and engineering

Designed specifically for STEM subjects, WebAssign offers extensive content and interactive learning activities that will help your students master their subject. Its engaging practice problems and other learning tools, including labs, simulations and videos, bring the subjects to life and provide students with a full understanding of concepts that they might otherwise struggle with.

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WebAssign for Students:

  • Statistically proven to improve grades
  • Provides students with instant detailed feedback on any assignments completed
  • Offers an intuitive but challenging learning environment where students can build their knowledge
  • Helps students to monitor their own progress and ensure they have learnt what they need to know
  • Fun and easy to use

WebAssign for Tutors:

  • Helps lift the pass rate and improve student grades
  • Engages students and provides interactive problems to help them understand difficult concepts
  • Allows tutors to keep track of students’ progress and be alerted to any student that is struggling or falling behind
  • Saves valuable time with automatic grading and easy notification of class performance
  • Provides trusted textbook-based content and the flexibility to shape your own

Cengage Getting Started

Getting started

100% of students surveyed agreed that they found it easy to get started and use Enhanced WebAssign.


Stay on track

100% of respondents agreed that ‘Using Enhanced WebAssign helped me to stay on track with the course.’

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Better grades

85% of students stated they believe WebAssign positively impacted their exam grades.


Step-by-step problem solving

In preparation for solving problems, walk-through tutorials guide students through a similar task as well as providing feedback on student performance along the way.

Shape to your course

Fully flexible question bank

With thousands of text-specific problems to choose from, as well as templates and the ability to define your own, you can shape challenges for your students to perfectly suit your course.



Monitor student progress

Use WebAssign’s powerful analytics to assess course performance, ensure your students are mastering concepts, and identify any students that need additional help.

79% of students have told us that the provision of digital resources is essential in helping them achieve their learning goals

Integrating WebAssign into your course could not be easier


LMS integration

WebAssign can be fully and seamlessly integrated into your Learning Management System, including grade synchronisation, so that everything sits within the LMS you are already familiar with.

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Digital Course Support

WebAssign could not be simpler to set up and use. When you adopt WebAssign, a dedicated team of experts provides proactive, on-going support that includes course set-up, usage statistics and a regular check-in to ensure that you are happy.

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Technical Support

Need help with something? Your WebAssign adoption provides you with an unparalleled level of personalised service, support and training for you and your students. Whatever your query, our team are on hand to help.

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What others are saying about WebAssign

Cengage WebAssign

“We have seen a significant increase in grades since the introduction of WebAssign”

– Dr. Jianhua Gong, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science, United Arab Emirates University

Cengage WebAssign

“I liked receiving immediate feedback after each problem. It was an efficient way of letting me know which part of the problem I needed further understanding/ practice/help in”

– Precalculus Student

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