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Student Outcomes

Cengage partners share their experiences, challenges and the impact of using digital solutions.

In conducting research with students and their educators around the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, we share with you their teaching and learning challenges, from motivating, retaining and engaging students to improving grades and managing busy workloads, and how working with digital learning solutions helped to provide tangible outcomes. We also learnt from students about their expectations and aspirations for their course, what motivates them and what gives them the tools and skills to prepare for life beyond university.

Cengage MindTap‘MindTap engages the students and allows them to have fun with their learning. I see MindTap as a useful tool to assist students understanding of the basic physiological concepts prior to coming to class.’

– Assoc. Prof West, Deakin University, Australia

Cengage OWLv2Any university that offers Chemistry courses and is serious about helping their students excel, should consider OWLv2 which in my experience, has led to significant improvements in the grades of our students year on year

– Erik van Rozendaal, Assistant Professor at Wageningen University

Cengage WebAssign

‘We have seen a significant increase in grades since the introduction of WebAssign’

– Dr. Jianhua Gong, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science, United Arab Emirates University

Cengage SAM

‘SAM has great functions that enrich my teaching experience. The individual and class performance reports provide me with real-time class data that enables me to identify struggling students and the help they need’

– Oliver Manyemba, Lecturer in Actuarial Science, Cass Business School

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What students have to say

“MindTap helped me to better grasp the concepts in my course and to stay on track, pushing me to work consistently and regularly.”
– Economics student, Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences


“Compared to the other modules from my first year, [MindTap is] a lot more engaging and a lot more interactive…”
– Student, Coventry University London


“[MindTap’s] auto marking scheme makes it easy for me to know what questions I got right, there and then, without the hassle of waiting. I am able to review everything I got wrong and revise it.”
– Engineering Student, BIUST


“[WebAssign] in my opinion it is a great tool, which definitely helps people who are struggling with the course and it is the best way to stay focused on statistics, so my experience was highly positive”
– Student, IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences


“[MindTap] complements everyone in the sense that everyone learns differently and there is something for everyone.”
– Student, Coventry University London.


“You get your results instantly and you can check your answer. It also showed where in the textbook you can get more information about the question.”
– Engineering Student, BIUST

Student Voices

Understanding student minds

Student Voices is an on-going research project that looks into the Higher Education experience of students across Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. Its focus is on understanding how students regard their education, their learning perceptions, challenges and methods.

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