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Content, created and shaped, just for you.

We know that every organisation is unique. That’s why, whatever your educational content requirement, we can help you produce the perfect solution, bespoke and unique for you.

Your Needs. Our Solutions.

Knowing where to start when producing and mapping educational content can be daunting. At Cengage we have a long and successful history of partnering with educational and training providers, as well as corporations, to help them meet their learning requirements. We can help you adapt existing content, create new content or provide content services such as editorial and production as well as different channels of delivery. In fact, we can manage the whole process for you, taking the stress and any time pressures entirely off your hands.

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We will happily come and visit you, or give you a call. Just complete our contact form and we will get in touch. Alternatively, download our Publishing Services brochure for more information.

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If you’re looking for a bespoke learning solution for a particular undergraduate course module, including customised print and digital resources, find out more about our Custom Solutions.

Cengage Custom  Custom Solutions

Cengage Content Creation

Content creation

We have a wealth of experience in producing authoritative and well-written materials. This includes acquiring and creating content specifically for your needs, as well as curating and editing it to ensure it is clear, accurate and well-written.

Cengage Author


We can provide collaborators to produce your content, including having access to hundreds of authors, all of whom are leading figures or rising stars in their field. We also have an experienced in-house team who can write bespoke materials for you.

Cengage Editorial Production Services

Editorial and Production services

We have experienced editorial and production teams who can manage the whole process for you. This includes typesetting, copy-editing, image research, rights and permissions, proofing, manufacturing, text design, and printing.

“Having used Cengage products for almost 10 years, I always find the quality of service to be excellent. The staff are professional and efficient and always available to help in a timely manner.”

Dr David Duffy, Ulster University

Cengage Pedagogy


Our learning materials are always designed with teachers and learners in mind. We will ensure your content is shaped to meet your pedagogical needs and in the most appropriate way for your learners, whoever they might be.

Cengage Content Map

Content mapping

We will make sure content is linked to your specific requirement. We will also ensure that content is mapped seamlessly to your course and linked to any curriculum developments, providing clear mapping materials for you and your teaching team.

Cengage Assessment

Assessment materials

As well as teaching and learning content, we can create a range of assessment materials and resources, which meet different assessment needs. These can be delivered in print and digital formats.

Cengage Integration

Digital integration

All our teaching, learning, and assessment tools can be integrated into your own digital learning environment. As a leading technology company we are at the forefront of providing educational content in a print, digital or combined formats. By embedding our bespoke digital solutions into your online platforms learners can access them through the systems they already know and love.

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Cengage Custom

Custom Solutions

For bespoke learning solutions for a particular undergraduate course module, please see our Custom Solutions section below.

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Download the brochure

To find out more about Publishing Services.

Custom Solutions

The perfect textbook tailor-made for your course


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View and Download the leaflet here

At Cengage we also offer customised print and digital solutions shaped from the content within our extensive library of texts and collections. Custom publishing allows you to pick and choose content from one or more Cengage titles and combine it into a definitive course text, including your own material if required so that you can create a complete and efficient resource.

You can:

  • Take out the extra material you do not cover in class, ensuring that your students only pay for the content that they need.
  • Replace chapters with coverage that better matches your approach. Our Learning Consultants are always on hand to help map content to your course.
  • Supplement the text with additional readings, cases, or exercises. They can be used to create an affordable course supplement or integrated into your core textbook.
  • Include your own course material. Help your students keep reference materials all in one place by binding them with your text. Popular examples include course syllabi, maps, lecturer notes, PowerPoint slides and sample exams.
  • Choose to create a print book, eBook or both. Having these options available gives you the freedom to create a product in the style and format most effective for your students. If you choose the print option, be assured that all our custom textbooks are professionally produced and bound to the same high professional standard as a normal text.
  • Design your own cover and add your university branding and course information for a truly personalized textbook.

Cengage Custom Cover 01  Cengage Custom Cover 02  Cengage Custom Cover 03  Cengage Custom Cover 04

Benefits for you:

  • Tailor-made for your course. You create your own course specific material collated into one single textbook. This can be tailor-made for your course and your teaching style, as well as being branded for your course and University.
  • Cengage take on all costs and responsibility for printing and sell through. We will print for 100% of student enrolment on the course. We do not expect every book or eBook to sell. All we ask is that you actively recommend that students purchase the textbook or eBook for their studies.
  • Saves you time. Include your own lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, reading lists, workshop or tutorial materials, and you won’t need to spend time ensuring your students get all this information separately.
  • Save your department money. By incorporating your own notes, it will also save your department from printing out and distributing them.

Benefits for your students:

  • Value for money. Your students only need to purchase and read the material required for the course rather than paying for unnecessary additional information.
  • Convenience. There’s no need for your students to locate and purchase several different resources for the course, it’s all in one place.
  • Ease of use. You can choose the content of the custom text to ensure that your students have exactly the resources they need to succeed in one book, making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for.
  • Resources that work best for them. You can choose to include the resources which have been most successful and engaging for your students.
  • Your students are more prepared for class. You determine the content for the course, providing students with exactly what they need to succeed.

Request a consultation to find out how we can help

To speak to one of our dedicated Learning Consultants about our Custom Solutions, just drop us a line and we’ll get in touch.


‘I am incredibly pleased with the work we did together and the benefits for the students from this venture. The work with Cengage was professionally undertaken and seemed to have the interests of the academic involved when putting this together. There was no pressure, only support and advice to get the work ready for a tight turnaround so that our students had the text book for September.’

Gill Bishop
University of Huddersfield
(Adopter of Organisational Behaviour, Management and the Sociology of Work)

‘Financial constraints cause lecturers to not prescribe more than one textbook, but with the custom book, students only have to buy (and carry) one book. Cengage offered a great service in taking us through the steps of putting it all together.’

Janet Liebenberg
North-West University
(Adopter of Introduction to Programming)

‘Customization of the prescribed book for our first-year introduction to environmental science course allowed me to tailor the content of [the book] to focus on the concepts and content which are most important for the course.’

David Hedding
(Adopter of Our Living Earth)

‘For us the custom text is essential as there isn’t a single text on the market which meets our requirements and the custom text reduces the costs for students to the level which competes with electronic options. Both the before and after service and support we receive is first class and has been throughout the five years that we have been working with Cengage.’

David Jones
Sheffield Hallam University
(Adopter of Financial and Management Information)

‘The service we have received from Cengage has been exceptional. We would not hesitate in recommending the products and services provided by Cengage Learning.’

Pamela Wildman
ISI – International Study Institute, Dublin
(Adopter of Outcomes Workbooks + MyOutcomesOnline)

Example Covers


If you are looking to create, adapt or redesign complete course content and would like assistance, we also offer a range of content services.

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