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Discover OWLv2, our online learning system developed by chemists for the unique needs of Chemistry courses


Mastery Learning

OWLv2’s Mastery Learning is proven to help students succeed in chemistry. Activities allow students to work at their own pace until they understand each concept and skill. Each time a student tries a problem, OWLv2 changes the chemicals, values, and sometimes even the question wording to ensure students are learning the concepts and not cheating the system.

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Learning Tools

OWLv2 goes beyond assessment to support students at every stage of learning.

OWLv2 offers a wealth of learning tools designed to meet students where they are—including adaptive review modules that guide remediation, interactive study tools that aid conceptual exploration, and text-specific resources to support opportunities for review and practice.


OWLv2 offers real-time analytics.

OWLv2 offers a powerful gradebook that helps you track student progress. You’ll know where students stand in class at all times, and can quickly identify where students are struggling.

Social Proof

Any university that offers Chemistry courses and is serious about helping their students excel, should consider OWLv2 which in my experience, has led to significant improvements in the grades of our students year on year

– Erik van Rozendaal, Assistant Professor at Wageningen University

The proportion of students completing their homework has risen and, most importantly, the university has found a direct correlation between students’ homework scores in OWL and their final grades”

– Erik van Rozendaal, Assistant Professor at Wageningen University

OWLv2 social proof

Outperformed peers

Studies have shown that students using OWLv2 outperformed their peers in the same course without OWLv2 access.

OWLv2 social proof

Improved grades

Students complete and comprehend more of their homework assignments and improve their chemistry class grades.

OWLv2 Social Proof

Improved productivity

Instructors become more productive and create assignments that inspire increased student engagement.

Support & Demo

Digital Course Support

When you adopt OWLv2, a dedicated team of experts provides proactive, ongoing support that includes course set-up, usage statistics and check-ins.

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Technical Support

Need to talk? Your adoption of OWLv2 provides you with an unparalleled level of personalised service, support and training for you and your students.

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LMS Integration for OWLv2

LMS Integration

OWLv2 integration is available with Learning Management Systems that support IMS Basic LTI Open Standards. Enhanced features include grade synchronisation.

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Experience OWLv2

Experience OWLv2

Let a member of our digital solutions team walk you through a demonstration of OWLv2 so that you can see the benefits and features for yourself.

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