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With complete control of your course, MindTap provides engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build students’ confidence.


Everything you need in one place

Cut prep time with MindTap preloaded, organised course materials. Teach more efficiently with interactive multimedia, assignments, quizzes, and more. Empower your students to study anytime and anywhere with the MindTap Mobile App.

Monitor Progress and Engagement

Assessment tools allow you to set regular assignments and the metrics and analytics help track student progress to promote improved outcomes as well as tailoring your course and lecture needs based on the analytics.

Your course. Your content

MindTap gives you complete control over your course. Customise the reading and study materials to suit your course and personalise by adding your own notes as well as embed a variety of your own content.


With access to the FREE MindTap Mobile App,
students can learn anytime, anywhere, online or off.

Students can:

  • Access their full course eBook and study resources such as flash cards, quizzes and study games
  • Take notes, highlight important passages and have their text read aloud, whether they are online or off
  • Quickly access their grades to check how they’re progressing


NEW App Features

  • Find out which students are present with the Attendance Tracker. Use geolocation to take in-class attendance or check attendance for online classes
  • Mobile Polling enables instructors to create multiple choice polls to fuel student interaction and engagement in class
  • The Progress App gives data to assess class and individual grades, and student engagement levels
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Social Proof

“MindTap engages the students and allows them to have fun with their learning. I see MindTap as a useful tool to assist students understanding of the basic physiological concepts prior to coming to class. There are many new concepts and lots of new terminology for the students to learn”

– Assoc. Prof West, Deakin University, Australia

“Much better than any online environment I have used yet much more structure and options than most online resources”

– MindTap Student

“I have used MindTap for several years, as it provides a wide range of resources and functionality which allow students to study at times and in ways which are convenient to them and which help me as instructor embed custom materials within the learning environment at any time, keeping content fresh and up to the minute. It also helps me to manage my courses efficiently. I have had excellent back-up at all times from the Cengage team, both technical support and more general “how to” queries. I think MindTap is great value for money and it is an integral part of how I deliver my courses to students in the digital age”

– Prof Gary Cook, University of Liverpool

MindTap social proof

89% of students agree

MindTap Pre-Course Assessment increases students’ success in mathematics, statistics, and physics.

MindTap social proof

Historical Accuracy

In a study of 2,500 U.S. History students, those using MindTap in their course achieved a 13% increase in their final grade over students who didn’t use MindTap.

MindTap social proof

Target for better grades

In a study of 14 Introductory Psychology courses across 13 institutions, students using MindTap did 33% better in a post-test exam than those who did not use MindTap.

Support & Demo

Digital Course Support

When you adopt MindTap, a dedicated team of experts provides proactive, ongoing support that includes course set-up, usage statistics and check-ins.

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Technical Support

Need to talk? Your adoption of MindTap provides you with an unparalleled level of personalised service, support and training for you and your students.

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LMS Integration

MindTap integration is available with Learning Management Systems that support IMS Basic LTI Open Standards. Enhanced features include grade synchronisation.

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Experience MindTap

Let a member of our digital solutions team walk you through a demonstration of MindTap so that you can see the benefits and features for yourself.

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