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Introducing the FREE Cengage Mobile App

Our free Cengage Mobile App allows students to study anytime, anywhere, online or off on their smartphone or tablet. It provides easy access to all their digital resources for MindTap, SAM or CNOWv2, and can be personalised and seamlessly integrated into their course. With 24/7 access to everything they need, the app gives students complete flexibility with their studies, enabling them to study, read and succeed whenever and wherever they like.

79% of students have told us that the provision of digital resources is essential in helping them achieve their learning goals

The reader provides convenience

Students can access their full course eBook on their smartphone to complete reading assignments, take notes, highlight important passages and have their text read aloud, whether online or off.

Attendance and mobile polling
increases engagement

The Cengage Mobile App allows you to use geolocation to take in-class attendance or check attendance remotely for online classes. You can also create in-class, multiple-choice polls to fuel student interaction and engagement, and view a summary of the results or individual responses.

Flashcards, quizzing and the
gradebook cultivate confidence

Course-specific flashcards and study games
with pre-built quizzes help students recall key concepts.
Students also have quick access to their grades so that they
can easily and quickly track how they are doing in the course.


Notifications keep students connected

The Cengage Mobile App pushes notifications directly to students, making them aware of:

  • Due dates and last-minute reminders for incomplete assignments that count toward their grade
  • Changes to activity due dates, score updates and instructor comments
  • Technical announcements about the platform


Download the Cengage Mobile App

Once you activate MindTap or SAM you’ll gain free access to the Cengage Mobile App. To download the app on to your device, simple visit the Google Play or App Store.




For more information about the digital resources that can be incorporated into the Cengage Mobile App visit the MindTap and SAM pages or contact your learning consultant.