Aplia digital solution

Developed by educators and used by more than 1 million students, Aplia assignments connect concepts to the real world and focus on the unique course challenges facing students.


Elevate thinking with Aplia digital solution

Elevate Thinking

Aplia guides students through assignments that move them from basic knowledge and understanding to application and practice. These challenging and interactive activities are designed to both engage and reinforce important concepts.

Easily set-up your course with Aplia

Easily Set Your Course

Create a course that matches your teaching calendar. Easily change and edit assignments, upload your own course materials, and share best practices with other Aplia instructors.

Promote better course outcomes

Promote Better Outcomes

Stay informed about participation and progress to ultimately help drive success. Visual reports and analytics identify who is at-risk and where the class needs to focus to be successful.

Social Proof

“Students always speak positively, and provide positive feedback in module assessment surveys, of the online Cengage resources, especially Aplia”

– Dr David Duffy, Ulster University

“In today’s digital world, the way students use Aplia greatly affects and influences their learning”

– Nara Mijid, Ph.D., Central Connecticut State University

“Aplia also saves a lot of time for instructors because of its instant feedback feature. Instead of grading assignments, instructors can spend more time on designing class activities based on students’ performances which can be monitored using its analytical tools”

– Nara Mijid, Ph.D., Central Connecticut State University

Aplia Social Proof

Loyalty to Aplia

If given the choice, 72% of students said that they would use Aplia in courses they take in the future.

Aplia Social Proof

Recommend to colleagues

Two-thirds of instructors said they would be very likely or likely to recommend Aplia to colleagues at their own and at other institutions.

Aplia Social Proof

Better understanding

84% of instructors felt that Aplia assignments helped students better understand course concepts and application of the material to real-world situations.

Support & Demo

Digital Course Support

When you adopt Aplia, a dedicated team of experts provides proactive, ongoing support that includes course set-up, usage statistics and check-ins.

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Technical Support

Need to talk? Your adoption of Aplia provides you with an unparalleled level of personalised service, support and training for you and your students.

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LMS Integration

Aplia integration is available with Learning Management Systems that support IMS Basic LTI Open Standards. Enhanced features include grade synchronisation.

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Experience Aplia

Let a member of our digital solutions team walk you through a demonstration of Aplia so that you can see the benefits and features for yourself.

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