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We are committed to making our website as accessible to all as we can. We have already taken the below steps to aid accessibility and will continue to search for additional ways in which we can improve.

Areas such as colours and contrasts, fonts and sizing to aid readability, page structure and browser compatibility have all been considered in creating the site. In addition, here is some technical information:

1. Keyboard Navigation

We have used keyboard events alongside the mouse hover events to make the site accessible for those users using assistive technology.

2. Dropdown Menu

Our menu links either provide textual alternatives, or use ARIA attributes to notify screen reader users that a menu is attached.

3. Visual Indication of Keyboard Focus

For sighted keyboard-only users using the visual indication of keyboard focus to determine their location on pages, a visual cue is provided when elements receive keyboard focus.

4. Alternative Text for Image Links

Informative alternative text on image links communicates the meaning and target of image links to screen reader users.

5. Form Field in Error Message

The name of the form field in error has the appropriate error message.