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Why a Cengage solution?

Cengage’s online solutions offer learning and assessment tools that can be fully customised for course needs. They can be LMS integrated, provide instant detailed feedback, and return metrics such as engagement, grades and class averages.

Cengage digital solutions have been developed with faculty and student feedback to ensure they help with discipline specific teaching and learning challenges and ultimately improve outcomes.

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Customer comments

“I am very happy with the assistance received from Cengage in helping me to implement their resources to support my students learning. Cengage have been very responsive in setting up their online teaching and learning resources to fit with my teaching schedule. Setting up the Aplia resources is as simple as letting Cengage know my teaching schedule and its relationship to their print textbook. Cengage then map their resources to that schedule, granted it is probably best if my course is reasonable closely aligned to their traditional print textbook. Students always speak positively, and provide positive feedback in module assessment surveys, of the online Cengage resources, especially Aplia.”

Dr. David Duffy, Ulster University

“I’ve worked with Cengage for the last 10 years to provide educational solutions to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The account representatives listen carefully to the programme/module educational aims so as to match the most appropriate educational products to facilitate students’ educational success. Further the technical support Cengage provides is superb, ensuring students availing of their online resources (e.g., 4LTR Press) integrate seamlessly with the module.”

Dr. Ann M. Torres, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics, National University of Ireland Galway