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Allan Edward Barsky

Florida Atlantic University at Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Allan Edward Barsky has a background in law, social work, and conflict resolution. He is presently a Professor of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University and a Family Mediator accredited by the Supreme Court of Florida. Dr. Barsky has mediated family and community disputes in New York City, Toronto, Calgary, and Fort Lauderdale. He is a past President of Ontario Association of Family Mediation and former national board member of Conflict Resolution Network Canada. His research has been published in Negotiation Journal, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, and Family Courts Review. He has taught conflict resolution courses in the United States, Canada, Israel, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Barsky's other book credits include SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL WORK EDUCATION: A STUDENT'S GUIDE (Brooks/Cole, 2006), ALCOHOL, OTHER DRUGS AND ADDICTIONS: A PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MANUAL FOR SOCIAL WORK AND THE HUMAN SERVICES (Brooks/Cole, 2006), INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE WITH DIVERSE POPULATIONS (Greenwood, 2000), and CLINICIANS IN COURT (Guilford, 2002). Dr. Barsky has also been active in promoting civil rights and equality for various minority groups.

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Alcohol, Other Drugs and Addictions

Published: © 2005

ISBN: 9780534641252